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Testimonials and Orders from I need help.® Communication Bracelets Customers:

Community First Responder for West Midlands Ambulence Service, James Cawtheray West Midlands United Kingdon - Hi I’m James Cawtheray and I work as a Community First Responder for West Midlands Ambulance service. A Community First Responder or CFR is a Volunteer role that I complete around my Part time job and other volunteer commitments. As a CFR we respond to emergency call in out local area, up to 5 miles to be first on scan at major calls, such as cardiac arrest, breathing problems, strokes and high Trauma injuries. And although trained to deal with many calls I specialise in paediatric cases. I have been using the bracelets for a week now and they are amazing. I have been using the feeling and numbers, Having the bracelets on mean they can give me a pain score and tell me how they are feeling helping me give better treatment for them. This also can help relate to some cases whet I have to deal with teenagers attempting suicide, having the feeling bracelets on can start a conversation to help me communicate, some time they do not want to talk about how they I feeling but will point to the emotions. For instance to night I attended a call of a 15 YO female attempting to cut herself with a blade, I sat down and started to talk to her and I showed her the bracelets I said, ‘this is me at the moment’ I pointed to the :s face and continued ‘because I don’t know why I am here or what you are feeling’ I held out the bracelet and she looked at it turning it over in her free hand and pointed to the angry face. I asked, ‘why are you like that’ holding the bracelet in her hand she placed the blade on the floor and took out her phone flicking to her facebook and showed me massaged of her been bullied, I asked her how the messages made her feel and she pointed to the sad face. With this I was able to grab the blade to make the area safe and then be able to talk to the teen. After a while she agreed to come out of the room and I too her to the ambulance. The bracelet started the conversation and defused it. I have fallen in love with the communication bracelets, they are truly amazing.

Pay pal customer ordered 2 feeling youth bracelets and wrote  I love the bracelet and it has been a huge help.  I have also passed on your website to all special ed teachers at my school.

This is a great idea!  I will be happy to forward this information to my e-mail distribution list.  We will gladly add a link to your site.  Autism Society of Northeast Louisianna Chapter, LA:

We will be adding the Autism Communication Bracelets in our Resource Guide.  We are happy to include them as a resource for our families and professionals. Inland Empire ASA - California

I am a speech and language person and love the idea.  I would love to put them on my website if that is okay with you.  PS... I would also be happy to carry them in my office.  I serve 95% people with autism who don't speak.  My office partner has many clients who don't speak as well. www.darlenehanson.com

The Spencer Iowa Women of Today asked the I need help bracelets to come and visit their nonprofit organization.  Before the visit, they organized a local corporation to buy as many bracelets as they needed in order to donate to several organizations in their community.  The purpose of the visit was to share stories about the many different ways the I need help communication bracelets have been used.  On that initial visit they purchased 21 bracelets for the school district, 3 bracelets for the Clay County Head Start, 4 bracelets for the Sunshine Services, 4 bracelets to their Nursing Homes, 2 bracelets for the CAASA – Center Against Sexual Assault, and 6 bracelets for the own group.  Today, the orders keep coming! Spencer, Iowa has embraced the I need help communication bracelets to help all faucets of their community.  KUDOS to The Spencer Iowa Women of Today!

I think they are a great idea. They would be a good addition for us to sell at the conference. Autism Society of Florida

I will definitely put the I need help communication bracelet information in our next news letter. We would be glad to include a brief, informative article about this product in an upcoming edition of our newsletter. Anne Arundel County Chapter, ASA Millersville Maryland

Wonderful product that fits exactly the need we have with our own children, and I would love to share this in our newsletter. Autism Society of Oklahoma!

“I think the ‘I need help’ bracelets are wonderful!  I work with a student that uses the bracelet and what a difference it has made!  It is an easy way of redirecting him when he is upset by simply saying, “Use your bracelet.”  Instead of having  an outburst, he will use his bracelet because it’s an easy way of communication for him.  The bracelet has also created a bond and sense of trust between him and me.  Even if I can’t understand how he is feeling, by using the emotional faces I can understand what he is feeling.  I can’t imagine working without the bracelet.”     Minnesota Educational Assistant


“The I need help bracelet is a visual  redirection tool that helps communication flow between students and staff.  It has eliminated angry blow-ups caused by anxiety or frustration allowing work to continue.”  1st grade teacher



girls“I was so impressed to watch the use of these valuable visual tools in action. The use of the ‘I need help’ bracelets decreases the dependence on verbal prompts leading towards increased independence. Visual tools make sense to the student with autism. When an individual experiences the benefits he will be more likely to develop a pattern of using the phrase in multiple settings. Giving a child a visual symbol to describe feelings decreases the pressure of labeling their emotional state during moments of increased stress or anxiety. Visual tools help make abstract concepts more concrete. This bracelet is a great visual tool and a popular fashion accessory.”  Autism Specialist

I purchased bracelets and gave them to a school therapist, a speech therapist and to a supported employment for adults with disabilities. I think the bracelets are a wonderful idea.  Occupational Therapist

I think the bracelets are a great idea! I have a 24 yr old son who is autistic and I wished there would have been something like that when he was younger so he could have communicated better.  Parent, Indiana

Tidewater EMS Council, Inc. of Norfolk, VA ordered 100 feeling bracelets to be used for EMS/Fire.

The Department of Public Welfare of Ebensburg, Pennsylvania ordered several of each of the bracelets.

Metropolitan Chicago, Illinois Chapter Autism Society of America already sold out their first order before their workshop and quickly  had to place a second order to use the bracelets at their April workshop.  The ASA representative stated, “I’ll be calling you all the time for reorders.”

Dayton Autism Society of Ohio ordered bracelets to use for the fundraiser walk.

United Cerebral of Northwest Missouri ordered the feeling and needs bracelets to be used for their UCP clients.

The Georgia Department of Education purchased bracelets for Georgia Assistive Technology staff.  Monroe, Georgia. 

Nationwide Children’s Hospital of Westerville, Ohio ordered each of the bracelets.

The Special Children’s School, Inc.of North Carolina ordered the needs bracelets for therapy sessions.

Community Options and Resources of Minnesota ordered 40 feeling bracelets to be used for disabled individuals.

ARC – Adult Retarded Citizens San Joaquin of Stockton , California ordered bracelets for their citizens.

ABLE, Inc. purchased several of each of the bracelets for people with disabilities.

Round Rock School District of Texas has ordered several times for their Elementary Buildings.


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ADVANCE Newsmagazines

Merion Publications Inc., http://company.monster.com/merion/ is the company behind the popular ADVANCE Newsmagazines, publisher of 31 publications and multiple Web sites, and host of more than 30 Job Fairs and CE Events serving over 1.7 million healthcare professionals across the nation.

Sneak Peek

I need help. Communication Bracelets

pWorking with Special Education students, Sherri Goehring found students often were frustrated in their attempts to communicate with peers and staff.  To address their needs, she invented the "I need help.®" visual communication aids bracelets.  The Needs and Feelings bracelets have become popular communication tools in the health care industry as well as learning environments.
All bracelets say "I need help." on one side and on the reverse side they have universal icons for the bracelet wearer to be independent (in control of their own behavior) by pointing to and expressing their choice of 7 feelings, 13 needs, 19 school schedules or asking for help. 
Because the bracelets are worn as a constant visual aid they become an efficient, easy, and universal way to communicate.  They come in youth and adult sizes and are 100 percent nontoxic silicone. For More Information: I need help Communication Bracelets, online: http://www.ineedhelpcommunicationbracelets.com/


Since 1998
April is National Autism Awareness Month!

The I need help.® bracelets are a visible  communication tool by Special Education students to communicate their need for help and to ask for assistance. The bracelets become a constant visual aid for the students  inside and outside of the classroom.


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